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Jeff Leishman, Golf Coach

I have been coaching players at the highest level of golf for over 15 years. Having played competitively myself, I came to coaching with a very clear understanding of what was needed and what was missing in traditional golf instruction. This is a game of fine lines and delicate balances in which even the smallest change can bring about significant results. When a professional comes to me the first thing that I want to make clear is my belief that with change does not necessarily come regression. Steps back are not inevitable when making steps forward. If I can help a tour player become 10% better with every aspect of their game - they will see success.

The constant in all of my coach/player relationships is grasping how someone learns and why they do what they do. The “how” may be auditory (verbal), visual, hands on, or a combination of those. The why may be due to physical constraints, it may be mental or it may just be habitual…but understanding the how and why are the building blocks of a successful relationship.

I have studied the golf swing with the best instructors in the game. While I don’t always agree with their approach or method , I do have a keen understanding of them all. I believe strongly that we need to be wary of methods and diagnostics that deal only with the “what”, but fail to address the “why”. I’ve traveled the world and formed relationships with the best and most current educators and innovators in the fields of functional movement, biomechanics, motion capture and physical training and therapy. I have worked with sports psychologists and performance specialists. I believe that as long as I teach…I will always have something to learn. In my career, I’ve been lucky enough to see my players progress, improve and succeed at the highest level, with multiple wins on all of the world’s major golf tours PGA, LPGA (Futures), Web.com and the European Tour. I own and operate a TrackMan launch monitor and have been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a Level 2 golf coach.

Creating short and long term planning and goal setting, while seeing tangible levels of improvement at every phase will result in a growth of confidence and sustainable development and achievement.

I firmly believe that building a team of professionals with whom you are able to consult is essential to being the most effective coach you can. This is especially true if there are range of motion issues, physical limitations or injury to be considered.  It's not about me and my ego - it's about giving a player the best opportunity for success.     ADVISORY TEAM

If you are interested in seeing Jeff, please contact him via email.